A History of Zenith Online Marketing, 10 Years On…

Zenith Online Marketing is a full-service international online marketing agency based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Specializing in superior quality, results-based online marketing services including website design, UX & UI strategy, WordPress websites, traffic & conversion strategy, e-Commerce, performance optimization, online advertising and email marketing we help private clients and agencies (as an outsource partner) achieve a level of success online that they have not yet experienced.

Who We Are


Founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2007 by Owner Alex Fleck, and now operating from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, with a worldwide team and a client-base across a plethora of industries/niches, Zenith Online Marketing provides clients with world-class, full-service online marketing services and cutting-edge techniques to ensure ultimate quality, superior results and optimized ROI.


When we founded Zenith in 2007 the goal was simple - to provide the marketplace with a full range of superior, affordable, high Return-on-Investment online marketing services, at all times specifically tailored for the individual client. That, in our estimations, was the only way to achieve real success for every client.


We have steadily developed since launch to offer one of the most complete web design & online marketing services available in the industry today and pride ourselves on our continued commitment to learning, testing, refinement and results.


We have also successfully developed an impressive worldwide client base in almost every industry imaginable, offering industry-leading website design, development & online marketing services, superior customer service across almost every industry and niche - restaurants, photographers, medical, business consultants, industrial companies, financial companies, realtors, artists, city councils, fitness professionals, furniture retailers, skincare companies, rental companies... the list goes on.


As of early 2014 we added a branch of the company that offers online marketing services to other marketing companies who don't have high-level online marketing expertise in-house. We create exclusive partnerships with these companies to provide specialist services in online marketing for their clients... the trust they feel for our company is about the highest praise we could hope for.



The History of Zenith Online Marketing




Our Approach & Best Practices in Online Marketing



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Service. Transparency. Results.


Those 3 x words are what our business thrives on. The reward of having clients who truly value our expertise, get real results and peace of mind is something we take immense pride in.



Laptop-for-Zenith-siteWe work hard for our clients to ensure their projects are successful in the long-term. It's not about just having a 'good' website, and that hasn't been enough for many, many years.

In fact, when companies describe themselves as 'website designers' it should concern you. That statement is predicated on the fact that the companies in question will often design you a website and no more.


The foundation of our company was based upon the knowledge that specialisms are not necessarily transferable. Great designers are not great programmers, great programmers are not great strategists and great strategists are not great analysts.

This is how we have built a team of specialists in a variety of key areas - Design, programming, research, strategy, UX/UI, security, advertising. It creates a fluid process that delivers results at each key phase of the process.


The reason we've been so successful over such a long period of time is that we view the entire journey from inception, strategy, design, programming and analysis as equal components in an overarching approach.


We provide a fully-tailored range of services, designed around our clients' needs and with a primary focus on excellence of design,  and maximum value for money.


Where Zenith truly excels is in offering a personal, tailored service and advisory role based on the latest research, technologies and best practice relating to web design, strategy and online marketing. Our clients trust us and this is incredibly important to us. Learn why we're the best web agency  on our testimonials page.


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Constant Evaluation, Metrics & Accountability


Website Metrics Dashboard PackagesWe pride ourselves on offering results that provide maximum return on investment for our clients moving forward. To this end, we promote an ethos of accountability and measurability for our websites with an optional metrics system, monthly reports and even continuous evaluation & recommendations for our client site, ensuring that after launch our clients experience enduring and emphatic success.